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Heat's Effect of String Material?

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I've noticed that when I’m shooting in hot conditions, my peep over rotates. I adjust my loop to get the peep to line up and the problem is solved. However when I shoot indoors where it is cooler, the peep under rotates causing me to have to make adjustments to my loop to get the peep to line up. My string is made out of 452X. Is this just the natural of the 452X string material? Is there a string material that isn't "heat sensitive"? Or is the construction of the string to blame?

Thanks for your help in this matter.
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RobertM said:
To clarify just a little, the peep is rotating before the bow is drawn. If the temperature remains the same, I can get the peep to line correctly everytime. However if the temperature changes the peep will not be the same. This is causing me to have right and left misses and when there is a huge difference between what the temperature is when I set the peep alignment and the temperature of the area I'm shooting, I can't see through the peep.

I made the string without pre-stretching it. I just laid out the string, served the end loops, then put the string on the bow and let it sit for a little while before serving the center. My previous string was a WC and I didn’t have this issue with it. Any suggestions?
How long ago did you build it..?? More than likely it just need to settle a bit more..
Usually it is a product of how the string is laid out and served.. Most of the time a little twisting and thread swapping will fix it...
RobertM said:
This is the exact issue I'm having.

JAVI, I built the string about 2 months ago, so I'm pretty sure it has settled. I use your method to get the peep to line up and if the temperture remains the same, the peep will line up. However, if the temperture changes (hotter or colder) then the peep will not line up. But if temperture returns to the initial temperture, then if peep will once again line up. This becomes very frustrating.
Did the string twist any at all when you served it..

All string material will react to heat and cold by temporally elongating or contracting. 452X is roughly 30% Vectran a material known for its stability in varying extremes, but even steel will shrink in cold and grow in heat. The real problem is the twisting and I suspect that the string twisted during the serving process or the extra twists have not settled under the servings completely.
RobertM said:
What's the best process for prestretching a string? Like I said before, I took the string off the jig and put it on the bow. I thought that the bow would prestretch the string. Is more tension needed to prestretch the than what the bow can provide?

JAVI, I thought that the twist unde the center serving might have been the problem. So I removed the center serving and re-served it. However I still had issues when shooting in hot and cold conditions.

Thank all of y'all for your help.
What about the end servings?
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