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Heat's Effect of String Material?

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I've noticed that when I’m shooting in hot conditions, my peep over rotates. I adjust my loop to get the peep to line up and the problem is solved. However when I shoot indoors where it is cooler, the peep under rotates causing me to have to make adjustments to my loop to get the peep to line up. My string is made out of 452X. Is this just the natural of the 452X string material? Is there a string material that isn't "heat sensitive"? Or is the construction of the string to blame?

Thanks for your help in this matter.
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pblawler said:
Is your peep rotating when drawing the bow or before you draw the bow it has already rotated. Sounds like the string may be imbalanced, if it is rotating during the draw cycle the string is imbalanced meaning on side of the string is tighter than the other.
Of all the materials for bow strings, I think UotraCam is the most stable for peep sight rotation. Especially in cold weather. The only problem with it is, it is a little slower too.

pblawler is right. If you are going to shoot in these types of weather condidtions I would have the string setup for it. In cold weather, I would leave the bow in the vehicle or someplace where it would be at the hunting temperature.

Then, I would press the bow and move one of the strands from one side to the other of the peep. It that didn't stop the rotation, I would move another. Eventually, the rotation stops. Now you may have to move several more, equal numbered strands from one side of the peep to the other until the peep properly orientated.

However, generally, a well made string doesn't have theses problems.
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