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I've been lurking for some time, first time poster.

I've been involved in archery for over 20 years, but I'm a recreational archer. I do archery for fun, not money or prizes.

I finally bought a new bow a few weeks ago. The Hoyt Charger is one seriously accurate and fun bow for me.

During the transition, I decided to save some money and fletch my own. The difference in consistency compared to my offset fletched pro-shop arrows got my attention. I decided to do an experiment on spin-up and rotation rate:

Bow: Hoyt Charger w/QAD drop-away rest
Peak Weight: 60#
Draw length: 30"
Arrow Shaft: Beman SPE3D 340 - 29" shaft
Nock: Easton Micro-light
Insert: Easton micro-light - 10gr
Point: 75gr parabolic
Fletching: 3 Bohning BlaZer vanes 3 degree right helical with Bohning Big Jig
Velocity: not measured - assumed to be just shy of 300 fps

First thing, a little foot powder on the fletching to make sure there was no contact. No contact. Cleaned vanes.

Used same arrow for all shots
Started at 3 feet - cock vane was still nearly in launch position.
6 feet - 1/3 rotation noted
9 feet - 2/3 rotation noted
12 feet cock vane back at launch orientation (1 turn assumed)
16 feet cock vane 3/4 turn from launch orentation
17 feet cock vane at launch orientation (2 turns assumed)
20 feet 3/4 turn from launch noted
21 feet 3 turns assumed
23 feet just shy of 2/3 turn from launch orientation
24.5 feet 4 turns assumed

So, the arrow didn't stat rotating until 3-4 feet. The first turn occurred over ~8 feet. The second turn took 5 feet. The third took 4 and the 4th took 3.5 feet. I suspect that the maximum rate will be around 1 turn in 3'

I hope that this is of help to someone somewhere.


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Yes, I've watched that one several times. It tells you when rotation begins, but not how far it takes to reach full RPM.
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