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HELP Adjusting DL on older Bowtech - Part#'s?

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I just purchased a Bowtech Mighty Mite on ebay as a B-Day present for my little sister to get her into bowhunting. It seemed perfect -- 50# limbs, 300+ fps, 25-30" DL, so I figured it would be perfect (Her DL will be 25" or 26").

What I didn't realize is that (unlike my bow) it would need a different part (Cam or Module?) to adjust her DL. It is currently set at 28"

How do I find out what this part # is? I see many people selling parts for older Bowtechs, etc. But how do I know what the part #/letters are? They said to state the exact part # I have no idea how to figure this out.

If anyone knows, or knows of a place where I could find this info w/o going straight to a shop that would be very helpful.
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a quick search I came up with you need a N module in the 6, 5.5, or 5 range depending on her actual draw legnth.

some in the classified might have some, or search ebay and also call bowtech to see if they have any.

I paid $10 for a set of mods for my Guardian from the classified here.

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So the bow just came in this evening while I was at work!!!! :)
I looked up on the links you guys sent me on the BT website, and it looks like it is the 2003. Definitely not the 2004 VFT. I believe it has the "Infinity Cam."

From what I understand, the machined slot on the bottom cam marked with an "S........L" along its length isn't a true DL adjustment but a fine-tuning DL adjustment that gives you about a 1" range within the designated module DL, which simultaneously changes the letoff from 65-80%?

Is this correct? Boy how I would love to be wrong and have it be the DL adjustment from 25-30" :rolleyes:
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