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Help for another fund raiser...please.

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I am organizing a fundraising program to help in the fight for cancer survival and ultimately, prevention and want to get some custom products made. I've already contacted and recieved pledges for support and other types of help. Now I need the help of the archery community. I need your help!

I would love to see all of the archery organizations get involved and step it up to the national/international level. Giving back to the world we live in this way will help us all.

My oldest sister died of pancreatic cancer this summer and I want to help with the cure and the ensuing prevention of all cancers.

Any of you guys that make wraps, bows, clothing, accessories, or anything else interested in helping out?

To the moderators - I would love to have this be a sticky...please.

I am looking into this for the purpose of raising awareness and money ultimately for the elimination of cancer. Any info and/or help will be greatly appreciated!

My hat's off to Victory Arrows and Mary Hale for their efforts! Mary helped me a ton with my grief and how to appropriately support my sister and her family during our ordeal this past summer. They already have the ball rolling in archery's fight against cancer! Id like to give it a great big boost! Combining resources is just one option. Any ideas?

Watching my sister die was the hardest thing I ever went through. I don't wish that on any one, and I want to help.

The Van Andel Institute in Grand Rapids Michigan has pledged their support. Here is a link to their website: They are a cancer research organization and are well respected. Amway co-founder Jay Van Andel's family is all to familiar with cancer. They founded the institute to help fight cancer. Please join us in our endeavors! We need your support and help.

Please post or PM me if you are interested in helping. I would appreciate any support and as much 'word of mouth' advertising and support as I can get. I don't have all of the pieces in place yet and want to see what resources are available to work with. I have some ideas, yet want to hear from others in terms of what they can and will do to help. I also want ideas in terms of what to do as a fund raiser. My target for starting is the 2012 ATA show. Please post or PM me with ANY idea or help you can supply!

Thanks Family! I know with your help, we can help! :thumbs_up