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Help installing dropzone

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I am not sure how to attach the string from the dropzone. I am also not sure which cable to put it on. Can someone tell me what I need to do? Pics would also be very helpful.

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PM sent. ;)
Drop Zone set up.


How far down you tie it will depend on your brace height, and the length of your cord.
On my RazorX's mine is about even with the top of the shelf.
I put the cord through the cable, (cable that pulls DOWN) and then either tie a small knot or burn and mushroom the end over....then pull it back (if its too far down, it should slide up when you pull it back)and have someone watch your dont want it to pull your cable forward more than a hair at full draw....once that is set I serve it in so it wont slide up the cable while shooting.
Also, when you put it through the cable....put it through from the right side (right handed bow) (not the left or dead center) this will assure you dont get any fletch contact with the cord.

These are the only pics I have...the first one I am pulling the cord down with my hand......the second one you can see the cord position at full draw.

If you need anything else, feel free to shoot me a line, Hollowpoint. :)


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I did that at first, but I dont have enough clearence between the cables on my bow, and the knot was hitting my up cable. :eek:
Works great if you have the room though. :)

The arm on mine is not the same as on a normal Drop is bent different for shooting fingers, and will be available after the ATA show in a few weeks.
It works great, better than any other conventional finger rest I have used. :)
Even with fingers, you dont need controll for the whole length of the shaft....just side pressure upon release.

PM me your e-mail, and I'll send you a close up of the arm on mine.
I'd post it, but it it too big to post. :rolleyes:
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