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Help me pick my first scope..

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In anticipation of the arrival of my new 06' Constitution, I am starting to pick up accessories already.

I picked up a one year old used Copper John ANTS for dirt cheap ($80 ;) ), and now I am looking at getting a scope for it.

I have never owned a scope before, this will be my first. I have shot other peoples setups though, and know enough that I think I want a scope with 4x power, and no up-pin. I would prefer a lense that is drilled so I can easily put a dot on it for indoor spots, or throw fiber in it for 3D and the local marked distance "Lost Arrow" league.

I think I would like the following requirements.

No up-pin
drilled for .019 fiber
4x power lense
machined aluminum housing with holes for light to get through
10/32 rod
less than $150

What fits these categories? I have seen pics of extreme, bullseye, CR, Viper, Cartel, Shrewd, etc that all seem to look interesting, but am looking for some input from others. I plan to be using it primarily for 3D from the open stakes, and will be shooting spots as well this winter occasionally.
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Bullseye, Extreme, Thurman for starters. I own all three, and they're very good. Obviously, there are others. I can tell you that all the ones I mentioned are giving outstanding service mounted on Toxonics, SureLoc, and Copper John Frames. CR Apex is also quite good. I really love my Bullseye Mellenium. Well worth a look.:thumbs_up
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