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Looks like the weather for opening day (10/15) is going to be wet, cool, and windy (from the south at 20-25 mph).

I can handle cool and wet. I've had some of my best days hunting in the rain.

The wind, however, gives me fits. I've yet to find the right spot when its windy.

I've got five stands up and a climber on stand by. One stand on a field edge (facing east into the field), another on a field edge (facing west into the field).

The third stand is in the woods along a dry creek bed, in what I believe to be a transition zone.

The forth stand is on a natural funnel. A deep ravine on one side and a field on the other. There is 15 yards of woods seperating the edge of the field and the edge of the ravine.

Stand #5 is in an area of about 10 year old growth. Lots of does here normally. Mature wood lots on three sides of this 40 acre spot. A field on the forth side.

All stands except for #4 (new this year) are proven stands. I took a P&Y from stand #3.

I've yet to have any of these stands be productive when its windy. I know deer won't move as much when its windy, but they must be somewhere.

Help me out. Thanks.

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