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06 Bowtech allegiance 28" draw/70lb
trophy taker drop away (pronghorn)
scott wolf release
27.5 inch CE maxima 350's
100 gr point
string loop
right handed shooter

fighting a right tear while paper tuning. Moving the rest left or right does not change tear. first of all, am I overspined? Second, could my release be causing torque on my string? Last night out of frustration I looked at my loop / release at full draw and it looked like my release was torqueing my string loop to the left. The Scott Wolf is supposed to rotate, but it looked like it wasn't so looked like it was torqueing the string loop. So I consiously rotated the release to the right to remove the string loop torque, and bam, bullet holes. Is this a function of the release or is it me? I've heard this might be a cam lean issue with the bowtechs? By rotating the release did I change the plane of the arrow and compensate for a cam lean issue? Or this simply an arrow spine issue? HELP!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts