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i need to get the stuff for it soon becasue i want to have it ready to go a little bit after christmas break gets over for me.
i need to be able to use this bow for 3d popups and 3d.

here is what i have so far
-omen, set at 55lbs with a 26 inch draw set on the longer post
-a vaportrail limbdriver setup

here is what i need
-some type of arrow that i can have a 250-275 grain weight no more than a 500 spine( i was thinking either gt ultra light 500s with x2 vanes and 75 grain tips cut to 24 icnhes or pse 100s set up the same, or maybe maxima 150s set up the same way.

-a sight(i was thinking cbe quad lite with the 3rd axis adjustment and a truspot lens/housing with maybe a small dot in the center of the magnified part of the lens)

-i need a stabilizer set(i was thinking b-stinger xl premier 24 inch with an offset bar and a 5-6 inch v-bar from vibrecheck.)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts