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help with 06 Allegiance

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I just put on a set of Stone Mountain strings and cables. The bow was pulling 70# before and now all I can get out of it is 65...maybe 67. The tuning dots are correct and I have twisted and un-twisted the strings trying to get the poundage correct. The most I was able to get was about 68 but the string was so un-twisted that I could not get the peep to align properly. Brace height and ATA are dead nuts on. Anyone know what to do next. Short of boxing it up and sending it to Crackers.
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RC1959 said:
Adding twists to the string shortens draw length and losses poundage. lengthing the strinh or shortening the cable adds poundage
Yup, what RC1959 says.

Add twists to the cables
to shorten the ATA.

When you shorten the ATA,
you are increasing the pre-load on the limbs.

When you increase the pre-load on the limbs,
you increase the available draw weight for a given number of turns
on the limb bolts.

Add twists to the bow string to slightly shorten the DL.
Remove twists to the bow string to slightly lengthen the DL.

Any time you add or remove twists to the bow string,
double check the cam timing
and creep tune, as needed, to get the wall solid
and to adjust the cables for the most forgiving rotation position
(1/2 twist can sometimes make the difference).

So, if you add twists to the bow string
to get the DL just right,
you are going to lose a little draw weight.

Once you have the correct DL,

and let's say you are shooting the bow
at the maximum draw weight = 70 lbs,
(limb bolts are maxed out)
but you measure and the draw weight is a little low.....

just add some twists to the cables
(to increase the pre-load)
until you get the draw weight back to 70 lbs
at your now adjusted correct draw length.
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