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Help with a peep sight

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Hey guys,

A little background first. I am shooting an old Martin Lynx M-7. The bow was tuned up by the local pro shop last year about this time. Everything that needed fixing was fixed, beside replacing the bow itself. The string was said to be ok. The pro's exact words were, " I think you should replace the bow due to age, but it is ok mechanically and safe to fire" I did not shoot it until about 1 month ago. I replaced the rubber tube on the peep sight. I started shooting it about 30 shots per day, and last week went up to about 50. Everything was fine, 4" groupings, until Thursday, my peep popped out. I put it back in and it was fine that day. It has since popped out multiple times. I slid the knot looking things to make it tight around the sight. Any ideas? i just want to save a few bucks if possible.


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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