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Help with Numbers -Mathews Prestige

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I just ordered a Mathews Prestige and write to ask if someone could run the numbers to calculate the speed I might expect with my setup using one of the computer programs. Here are the particulars from the Mathews Website: IBO=322 at 29" (30" unavailable for this bow), my draw length will be 28", and draw wt of 70lbs. My arrows will be 26" Easton Axis fletched with 4 blazers with a total wt of 385 grains. The brace ht is 6" and ltoff is 65%. I don't know what other numbers are needed. Thanks, andy
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I ordered 2 days ago but I don't expect to have it for about 2 weeks. I'll let you know if I like it. I was shocked at the price, nit as you might think, but my dealer said he could get it for me for $769 + tax. i was expecting more so I'll see what happens when it arrives and if he misquoted the price.
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