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Help with Numbers -Mathews Prestige

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I just ordered a Mathews Prestige and write to ask if someone could run the numbers to calculate the speed I might expect with my setup using one of the computer programs. Here are the particulars from the Mathews Website: IBO=322 at 29" (30" unavailable for this bow), my draw length will be 28", and draw wt of 70lbs. My arrows will be 26" Easton Axis fletched with 4 blazers with a total wt of 385 grains. The brace ht is 6" and ltoff is 65%. I don't know what other numbers are needed. Thanks, andy
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I have not run this on AA but just looking at the numbers you are 1" short on draw length so you will lose about 10 fps there and your arrow is 35 grains heavier than IBO which is 350 grs so that is another 11 or 12 fps loss. You will lose a couple fps for a peep, d-loop, nocking point, etc so lets guess a 3 fps loss. With what you have given I would guess you will get between 295 and 300 fps out of this bow as described. I spoke with a coupl guys at the Buckmaster last week that have the Prestige and they are raving about it. Hope you like it.
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