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Thank you all for taking the time to help me out. I hope this is in the right forum and not too long winded...

My current set up is: Mathews Monster 30/60, Spot Hogg 5 pin wrapped sight, Trophy Taker Xtreme FC rest, Sims X Coil paired with Fuse Sidekick, Norway String Tamer Jr, and G5 Meta 1/4” with a D loop. I am ordering Monster 7 mods (31”) to make my Monster draw more like my SwitchbackXT. As far as my actual bow, I am looking for feedback or advice on changing my stock grip to a mathews focus, Torqueless or Shrewd; as well as switching to a Paradigm SOS or Fuse Connexion. I’m also on the lookout for a custom string set that is somewhat affordable but will increase my bows performance.

My other area I’m in need of help is my arrow selection and set up. I mostly take advice from my local shop which set me up with CX Maxima 350s at 29”. They said 350s over 250s due to the 30 inch draw on my SBXT with whisker biscuit. On my current set up, I have slightly over 3/4 inch between the prong and the arrow end at full draw using a 28 inch arrow. I enjoy shooting targets for fun but would be using the arrows for whitetail here in Kansas. The arrow I am thinking about is a Victory VForce HV 350s at 28” or 27.5”. After research and reading other threads, I plan on using FOBs with FOB wraps as well as arrow wraps for retrieval of arrow and FOB. I cannot decide between regular nocks (which one would be best/lightest) or lumenocks. Also, do I use the Victory VForce aluminum inserts or different ones? I want to keep shooting the Rage 2Blade broadheads I currently have. Any help, advice, or suggestions would be very appreciated. I have read in other posts people using a program to help suggest the correct arrows which I would like as well. Thank you for reading my post and for any help that is given.

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