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I picked this Saddle Mtn/Scappoose unit for bear as a new hunt I hoped it had good opportunites for bear. It sounds like from other posts that it may not be such a great spot, but I'm stuck with it. Would really like to find my first bear and could use some help.

Does anyone know what type of access is available if we try going up to look for bear going out of Seaside on Lewis and Clark Road. We have already tried some other areas and no sign around. Can you reach some forest service roads or even timber company roads that are not closed.

We have hiked many miles around Cullaby Lake (thanks to great offers from AT member Don H who has really been trying to help us) and off of McGregor Road (off of 26). Tried to go up in some private timber land in the Clatsop Forest, but it is closed to all entry due to logging going on right now.

Or if anyone has any other suggestions that would be great. I looked at around Saddle Mtn State park and also NW of Vernonia, but just not sure.

Not looking for a monster, I'll take a dink for my first bear.

Thanks for your help.
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