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About fifteen minutes from my house there is a large apple orchard. The apple orchard is surrounded by acorn and walnut trees. Six natural funnels poor into the orchard from old growth (by Indiana standards) woods.

The owner was telling me this morning that the deer attack his trees. He hangs soap from the trees to keep them out. Hundreds of people walk through his u-pick orchards every morning. Still the deer descent and ravage his trees. The deer are HUGE and dozens descend on his orchard every morning.

He gave his buddy "The Bone Hunter" exclusive rights to hunt (shot gun) and he's not interested in making his buddy mad. Oh it's in an urban zone so it's like 12 deer a year in this county tag limit.

I truly begged.

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that's a bummer

Keep him in mind for the future though.

I had aquired permission on a property last year 5 minutes from my house. Just into the next city that allows hunting (bow/shotgun). Well another guy that also hunted it just about ruined it for me this year. Seems he was a x-boyfriend of his daughter. He didn't know about me, and tried to give me the boot. Well he went to the landowner with the story about how he booted me off and that only one person could hunt. The landowner said "Ypur right, your out of here".:wink:

Well, when I went back to ask this year he wasn't going to let me.

Until.......He saw the home smoked 14# turkey I brought for him.:mg:

I now have sole permission of said property.:darkbeer:

So, you never know.

On another note.

I was out there Sunday evening and had 2 groups of does and fawns. 7 in one group and 8 in the other.

This place is going to rock for me this year.
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