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Muddy products

I have the Hunter Pro Mod#10302 stand, 10.5 lbs. I am happy with the sturdiness of the stand, the weight, and the how adjustable it is. I have only two concerns about this model. The seat height is very high for my 5',6'' height and this model does not have a foot rest, even as an accessory. This makes it difficult to sit comfortably. I communicated this to Mr. Kendall and they did not have any other option to accommodate me on this issue. I either have to build my own foot rest or cut the seat post down, the former would most like be the smartest thing to do though.

The other issue I had is that the stand did not come with backpack straps like they did the year before, nor they even offer them as an accessory on their website. I had to then come up with extra straps so I could carry the stand,this equals a delay in use. I communicated this to Mr. Kendall as well.

I will add that the steps that they offer are awesome! I like how quiet they are and how easy they are to set up. I also like the double pegs. This allows one to stand firm while hanging the stand on the tree. I also have a set of Lone Wolf climbing sticks, I only carry one of them in case I need to get a little higher. I was looking at both side-by-side and wished that the double pegs were available on a longer stick, now that would be a winner, especially on long straight runs. This stick setup is a keeper!

Hope this is helpful.
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