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I have always heard that HHA's Customer Service was top notch and I am here to tell you that that is a bunch of crap. It's way better than that. I recently bought a Octane Quiver and put it on the Elite Archery Aigil I have. Was getting finalized for the spring turkey season. Well, the screws that mount the Octane's bracket onto the HHA bracket are a little long and I screwed one of them into the arm on the sight. It is the DS-XL 5500 sight with the wheel that is in one of Smoke's reviews. I didn't realize the screw had gone into the arm. I was out shooting and attempted to adjust the sight and the wheel wouldn't turn. I used a more force and it still wouldn't turn. I thought maybe the sight was froze up or something so I poured the coals to it and the wheel began spinning, the problem was the sight window didn't move. When I figured out what had happened I went to the computer and sent a e-mail to HHA and explained what had happened and that it was 100% my fault and if there were any repair charges to please let me know and I would take care of them. The e-mail was sent around 8:00 p.m. When I woke up the next morning I had a e-mail from Chris at HHA telling me to send the sight to them and they would repair it if possible, which he thought it would be, or they would replace it. Also, he said the sight was under warranty (lifetime by the way) and there would be no charges. I sent a few more e-mails and they were all answered very promptly. I just couldn't believe how they covered the repairs/replacement when the damage done was completely my fault. My hat is off to the Hamm family and they have a customer for life.
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