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HHA Optimizer Lite OL-5010 Bow Sight

Featured here is my review of the HHA Optimizer Lite OL-5010 which is a single-pin bow sight that has been designed to provide the easiest possible yardage dial adjustment. The 5010 features .010 pins, the finest pins in the range and the sight housing is also smaller at 1-5/8”.

Weight: 8 oz.
1 5/8” sight housing
3 feet of fiber optic
Accepts Lens Kit B and HHA Blue Burst Lights
I would like to first state that I when I received the HHA Optimizer Lite OL-5020 Bow Sight I was actually a little skeptical due to the fact that all I had ever shot my bow with was a 3 pin fixed Cobra site that I have been using for about the past 8 years, and used to. I was not sure how I would be able to adapt to a single pin site.
Mounting the site on my Browning bow went with ease with the screws provided. Due to the configuration of my bow I did have to use the spacer I had to use with my Cobra site but that was no problem as it also helped align the site. After reading the instructions on how to site a single pin site in it took me about an hour to get used to it and figure how to site it in.
To test the site I used it on different occasions; morning, afternoon, evening, dusk, my elevated hunting stand out in the field, and on a day that there was more of a breeze outside. I wanted to use the site in different lighting conditions first to see how the fiber optics worked with the pin site. Another point that I was a little skeptical on how the site would work in a dusk hunting situation, with minimal light, I will have to say I found that the pin was nicely illuminated and I was able to clearly see the pin site. This site comes with an adjustable windage left/ right adjustment, this also if found to be a nice feature as with my fixed sites I had to manually try to figure out how far I had to move my bow to deal with the wind. I was able to shoot my bow a couple of times was able to dial in on my target with the wind. You will just want to remember how many clicks you adjust for the wind so that you can readjust the site for when there is little or no wind. I don’t recommend it, but I know that bows have been known to have been dropped in the field from elevated stands so I did do a drop test at 6 ft and 10 ft. the sight still operated as it was suppose to.
I am finding it getting a lot easier to shoot my bow now by using the single site. I have the site set from 0 to 60 yds even knowing my average shot in the field is 15 to 20 yards, and all I have to do is just adjust the site for the distance I plan on shooting at.
Review written by: Franz J. Langegger
Field Staff for
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