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When I saw this sight for the first time I was intrigued, I was use to a standard four pin sight that I had been using for years, which always limited me to twenty to forty yards fixed pin. Last season I had several bucks pass by me at fifty to sixty yards. With the single pin Optimizer DS-5519 I am now hitting the target at twenty to sixty yards and everything in between. Weighing only ten ounces this sight is a welcome addition to my bow and with 1 5/8” sight housing and five feet of .019 fiber optic wrapped around the housing allowing the single pin to really light up. You also have the exclusive rheostat that adjusts pin brightness in seconds! In low light conditions being able to see the pin gives you that shot. The instructions were easy to follow making the sight a pleasure to set up. You begin by sighting in at twenty yards then at sixty yards with a set up strip. Then you subtract the two numbers. The number you get will match up with one of the fifty two different computer designed yardage tapes that are included. Apply that to the dial and you are on target. When finished installing this sight , it is accurate from 20 to 80 yard, by the yard.
To check out this model and the other models they offer plus see a very informative video.
Go to their website at

Review written by: Scott Clave Sr.
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