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Anyone know of a source for Hi speed video of the G5 Tekan mech heads being shot from a compound bow?
I wrote an email to G5 just a few minutes ago so I dont expect an answer until tommorow.

I did some testing this past weekend to see how little force was needed to deploy the blades.
I shot threw 6 different materials to test: 3 different foam targets, a double layer and a single layer of card board, and then threw a single piece of printer paper.
Opened every time to my delight. You can even see where the vanes hit and the blade cut so it was not vanes doing the work.

I posted some pics of the card board and paper holes on another forum but some are convinced the blades opened during the shot not on the target material.
I must admit it does not take much to open them and the extreme forward force could be enough to open them but I dont think so...
I feel the blades remained closed until impact due to the amazing accuracy I was getting with the Tekans all moring long (30+ shots at 20 yards with 1 inch groups.)
I feel I would not of gotten this if the 2 blades were open. (JMO)

Any idea on how to prove this other then hi speed video?

I was thinking, and please dont laugh, but taking tissue or toilet paper, taping it on a paper tuning rack, and then light misting it with water. Not soaking it but getting it weak as possible, but strong enough to not blow up upon impact.
If the blades show a wide slice threw that then I will conceed they were open before impact.
I doubt serious wet toilet paper will open them. LOL
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