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High Fence hog hunt California

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Yesterday, we took our boys 7 and 10 years old on a high fence hog hunt at The outfit is in Shandon California. They have European hogs and various goats and rams. My 7 year old ended up shooting his first hog and my 10 year old ended up threading the needle on a nice hog, a tough shot. The equipment used was Excalibur micro 380, hawke xb30 pro scope, zombie slayer arrows with rhino nock, grimreaper micro hybrid broadhead, and bog deathgrip rest. The deathgrip really helped keep their hands safe and make good shots. This was the first time using the grim reaper micro hybrid. Perfect deployment on all shots and excellent accuracy. Not bent or damaged blades or tip. I'm not entirely sure we got full deployment on impact, but the entrance holes were really nice. My 7 year Olds first shot(white hog) was slightly quartering towards. It hit more mid body and exited back left hip. Unfortunately we never found that arrow. I hope my boys will both be hunters for life


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