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Got a new Hoyt Ultratec a few weeks back. I am having a slightly high nock tear. At 2 yards it's about 1' high on average. No matter how I adjust things 1" is the best it gets! The tear is always up. I have had people watch and I dont remotely torque the bow in any direction.

HOW DO I GET BULLET HOLES IN THE PAPER?!?! Sorry, I am fustrated like a bull elk with no cows here on Sept 15th.

I have had new low stretch strings on it right off the bat. At least a couple hundred shots should have broken in the string adequately. No stabalizer. I shoot with a release. I have good form and release very smooth. I was shooting gold tip 7595's but got much less tearing with Gold tip 100+ shafts. 100 gr field points/tips. Whisket bisquit rest.

Possible problems? On the way home I wondered if maybe my limbs were miss torqued. One limb heaver than the other. If so, with a high nock tear which limb would be the culprit? Any help is welcome and thanks in advance.

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What kind of rest are you using?

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There are several things which may cause a high tear…

1. nock set to high (Hoyts like the nock set square to 1/8”)
2. limb tiller unequal
3. cam timing
4. cam synchronization
5. arrow spine (yes a weak arrow will sometimes give a high tear)
6. nock to tight on center serving
7. nock pinch from loop
8. induced hand torque
9. rest spring tension not properly adjusted (fall-a- ways have an optimum position; usually 1 ½” -2” of guidance are needed)
10. axle bearings tight

Check out these and if you need more help just PM me…
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