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Hip Quiver help

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OK, I guess I'm gonna take the dive. I've always been a Bowhunter not Archer. I'm looking to change that this year. My main focus will stil be Bowhunting, but I want to shoot all year long and enjoy the Archery sports with others. I'm looking to shoot 3-D and maybe some spot leagues. What would you suggest in a hip quiver? Is there anything in particular I should look for or stay away from? I want to buy decent equipment, but not looking to have the finest and break the bank.
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Dollar for dollar, I don't think you can beat the new Easton quiver line! They are very well made, fairly light weight and tons of room for stuff!

I also have and really like the Angel line of quivers. They are about twice the price of the Easton quivers but they are EXTREMELY light weight and very much bullet-proof!

Neet makes nice quivers as well, and have been around for a long time!! They know how to make a quiver.

Look in the AT classifieds as well! There are several Easton quivers in there right now among others.

God bless:)
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