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I know May was a while back, but I only have a computer at work. :rolleyes:

A group of 9 guys went to JT's bowhunting ranch in east Texas the end of May. The price was right and we all got our chances. The price was $260 and that included hunting Fri night, sat, and sun morning two meals sat and one sun and lodging. The limit was 2 hogs under 150# for that price. 9 guys 17 shots 8 hits and 6 recovered. Guess that tells a lot about how great we all can shoot a bow. I saw 4 hogs fri, @ 30 sat, and 4 sun. Entire trip was less that $500 for EVERYTING.

The biggest hog was a 145# boar that my hunting buddy got. He was trying to put down a hog that was already shot poorly (guide told him to take the shot despite the HARD quartering angle). Montec G5 68# bow at 30 yards. Entered the right rear ham and penatrated to the fletch. We recovered the hog 19 hours later. This was our first experience with wild hogs. They dont seem to bleed like a whitetail, and are tough!

I did not get one in TX, but came back to MO and got a 160# boar here........go figure

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