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Hogg-It, Apex 3rd Plane, CJ Pro & other dovetail sight users.....

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Hogg-It, Apex 3rd Plane, CJ Pro & other dovetail sight users.....

Are you guys able to mount a one piece quiver with your sight?

Please tell me what you are using and how it's working out for you.

Short of breaking out the Dremmel tool, I'm at a loss.

Thanks for your help.
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Sorry...I should have specified....WITH THE KNOB IN PLACE.
My current case will only accomodate my bows with the sights retracted.

I have them sighted in with them fully or almost fully extended.

I'd prefer to keep them retracted until in my stand as well.

It's very easy to loosen the knob a bit and put them into proper position and then tighten.

I prefer this style of sight and will simply clip my quiver to my backpack if need be. comes off as soon as I'm set up and hang my bow on the EZ hanger.
Sorry, Hornet.

I did get some feedback on another web sight. The guy had the same problem and he used an extension bracket made by Kwickee Kwiver. It worked out well and moved his quiver upwards 4" and back 2". He said that the bracket also allowed him to mount his Kwickee quiver holder at a slight angle.

This sounds like the perfect solution for me on my two bows. I'll get this done hopefully within the next week or so.

I'll post some pics when it's a done deal.
The only reason that I put one on there is for ease of transporting it.

I've never tried a hip quiver but I see where that could be sweet.

Good luck and back some big one this year!!!!
I'll look around the house, but I don't remember mine coming with spacers when I bought it last year.....let me check.
1 - 8 of 14 Posts
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