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hello all!!
well here's my 1st post...sorta. as i may have mentioned before, i have a Hoyt Gamemaster. thing is i don't much care about the color, but it was used and it was afordable at the time. i am thinking of painting it a different color, as i will not be hunting with...what matter of importance is camo to me? i was thinking of painting the limbs a deep blue at the tips to a solid black towards the center. i have a friend who can do this an i will have to pay bout 50.oo for it. when i get it done i will try and post a pic of it. maybe even a before and after...for comparison's sake. anyway, my thought was this...has anyone ever done this...cause i searched the engine..and could find no trace of a i posted this. let me know what ya think, ok? later all!
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