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Holding shoots for the troops!

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Us at "Twin Arrows 3d archery range/Pro shop" Held a shoot for our troops here at Twin Arrows July 9th 2006 Heres the Links (

We wanted to send some 3d targets but got this E-Mail:
Hi Brad:

We have been seeing quite a few similar requests also, and have found that the most economical solution is for us to send in empty bag targets and then have them stuffed at the other end. One easy material to find is sand. The dimensional weight and unreliable shipping make this very difficult to do with a 3D target. If you'd like to proceed just let me know approximately how many and where to send them. Have a good week!

Jen Kresser, Sales Manager
DELTA Sports Products, LLC
117 E Kenwood St.
Reinbeck, IA 50669
319-345-6476 x 13

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Subject: Fwd: Twin Arrows shoot for the troops

Hey Jen,

Hope all is well. I have a dealer that is involved with raising money and sending product to the troops in Iraq. I guess they have an archery range there and we are trying to help get some products for this cause. By his e-mail it looks like they are in need of any type of targets we could help them with. If you have any ideas or blems or bags that could be used let me know.


Brad Buth
Outtech, Inc.,/ Archery Division
218-585-4127 Office
218-585-4185 fax
[email protected]

So this is what we did.

We Made $152 and used it to help send:
25-5 spot targets
20-dart targets
9 dz nocks
1-jo-jan jig
6-jo-jan clamps
1 2oz. fletch glue (pine ridge)
2 dz 65gr 9/32 PDP points
3 dz.75gr PDP points
3 dz. 85gr PDP points
100 pack 100gr. PDP points
4 dz. inserts black hawk vapor
300 4" duravanes
150 4" lp flex fletch
and then a portable bow press
And then asstorted Magazines

We then recieved an E-mail:


Mike LeMieux,

I would first like to thank you for holding an event to help us supply our small archery range here. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated. All of the archery supplies are being put to good use here and will be enjoyed by many (myself included). To see the support of all the people that participated is amazing. Without support from local ranges and suppliers, not to mention the patrons of such establishments, our range here would not be possible. By far Twin Arrows 3D Archery Range and participants in the shoot for troops have been our greatest contributors.
A thank you without an introduction seems a little insincere to me, so here is a little bit about myself. My name is Sgt. David Cherro. I am a 27 year old Army National Guard soldier currently deployed with E Co FSC 2-136 CAB. I am married with four kids and live in the northern part of Minnesota on the Iron Range. I enjoy fishing and hunting and the Minnesota outdoors. In the civilian world I am an electrical apprentice and am working to get my journeyman’s license.
Again, I would like to thank you for your time, support and generosity.

David Cherro

P.S. There were many addresses that I sent thank you emails to. Just to make sure I did not miss anyone and for those who did not leave an address please post this.
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