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Ok, I have been researching google and there really isn't but a few old posts on here about this topic. I am just getting into this stuff and I have yet to find some definitive answers. I want a horse bow for speed shooting / hunting.

I found this video on YouTube and it was freaking amazing. I want to do this:
But what kind/style of bow is this? And what kind of arrows?

What I have found so far:

I really like Grozer's Assyrian bow, the Assyrian Extra III Composite -

Saluki himself recommended his Damascus model which I really do like -

Kassai was also recommended by Saluki if I couldn't afford his, he wasn't too fond of Grozer, yet the Grozer look is more appealing to me than Kassai due to the fact that their website has
horrible tiny pictures of his bows and I can't tell what they really look like.

I can't get a call back from Ed, the rep for Kassai here in the US.

I have heard about Magyar bows from 3 Rivers Archery but can't find any reviews - bows

I have talked with Seven Meadows Archery here in the US, they deal with Istvan Toth bows, also from Hungary... they are extremely nice people, but I'm not really into the leather wrapped look. However, she really talked highly of the new Avar bow, so it is a consideration -

I am interested in speedshooting, I am tall, 6'2 long arms, and I want a bow I can also hunt with. Saluki recommended a 35lb to start. I also have 3 children that I want to teach to shoot with a horsebow, he recommended 25# for them.. I also need to know about arrows made specifically for speed shooting as well!

Can anyone help me!!!


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Not the most happening forum for this type of archery it seems but oh well I'll give some answers:

If you want a really quality bow that's great for this type of thing and works well with the thumb draw then the Damascus is indeed the way to go. I'm long armed myself and a 52 inch one will just about cover you though you might want to go an inch or so high.

If however the price of a Saluki is too daunting, checkout Mariner bows. The Han II is most appropriate for long limbed archers interested in using the the thumbdraw. They're less buck than a Saluki with just as much value.

Speed shooting is interesting, but if we read the ancient texts, it was more realistically for exhibition.

As for the video, its a Kassai bow (can't remember which model) and the arrows are probably modified with flared nocks as most who practice this type of stuff so often do. My advice would be to check out Lars Andersen videos to see how he mods his arrows.
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