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How can anyone that has never shot a tournament?

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Give advice on what it takes to get there.

My advice for members here is consider the source who is giving you information. Lots of excellant members here with years of compitition under there belts.

Exsperiance is the best teacher. Theres some great coachs and my best advice to anyone here seeking to compete seriously is seek the best coach available.
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They are called cyberarchers DB, several of them post here. You know who they are.

All talk and no walk.

All hat and no cattle.

Never been there, never done that,

yet they use adjectives like "Always" and "Best" and "Never" rather freely.

Rather annoying at times.
Good list Opa.:wink:

Hit the nail on the head.

Might add this one to the list:

"I can robinhood at will"
Buksknr53 said:
This thread implies that if you don't compete, you are not capable of giving good advise to fellow archers.
I didn't take it that way at all.

I thought that DB meant that if you haven't shot a particular venue or type of event, in this case pop-up 3D with moving targets and tiny shooting times, a particularly specialized type of 3D that requires equipment and techniques that differ significantly from a regular 3D shoot where targets are still and time is not of the essence(especially at an IBO shoot:D ) then spouting off about how to gear up and compete in the event that you haven't even tried is like a priest explaining how to french kiss.:eek:(maybe that was a bad analogy these days):confused:

Lots of backyard slingers get a big dose of "self confidence" (I'm being kind) and think that their imaginary victories can easily be transported to the real world, kinda like the kid counting down the shot clock in the driveway and imagining hitting a 3 pointer over Jordan to win the NBA finals, he needs to step onto the hardwood and play his first game before he tells you how to shuck, jive, plant, jump, release, and follow through.

I've shot ONE moving/pop up 3D event, I can tell you this much, its DIFFERENT. AKDoug is right, a sight level is not part of the routine. I'll stop there because I have reached the limits of my competent knowledge that would benefit someone else in their similiar endeavor.

As Eastwood said " A mans got to know his limitations".:wink:
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