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How can anyone that has never shot a tournament?

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Give advice on what it takes to get there.

My advice for members here is consider the source who is giving you information. Lots of excellant members here with years of compitition under there belts.

Exsperiance is the best teacher. Theres some great coachs and my best advice to anyone here seeking to compete seriously is seek the best coach available.
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What do most of you consider when reading material here?
Not a whole lot anymore :( Not much new under the sun. Mostly I try to help folks out while I kill time in the office.

I really like reading string building threads, but even those I am virtually done with because I've basically figured it out.

I wish people would realize that 99.9% of their tuning problems is THEM. I have yet to get a bow that when right out of the box wouldn't shoot 3" groups at 20 yards...WITHOUT ANY TUNING AT ALL. (with field points) Slap a rest on it and eyeball set it, put on a sight and sight it in. It's really simple if you have good release and bowhand form.

I wish people would get the point that the idler lean on your Switchback is not causing you to miss!!!! No is that 2" paper tear with your Trykon.

Hey DB...I don't have to shoot pop-ups to know that a level is going to useless on your sight...LOL ;):zip:
Hey, I may be wrong. I watched Tim shoot that pop-up deal at L-Ville and I can't see judging the distance, aiming and using the bubble as fast as he was shooting?? Let us know when you find out :D
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