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Hello it is me again.

When I bought my bow the guy at the pro shop set my draw length and arrow length.
We agreed to let the arrow stick out just past the rest about ¼ to ½ inch. After shooting a bit it “felt” too short. The bow has a draw stop on the single came. I adjusted the draw stop about ¼ inch. The bow “feels” better when I hold it but now the arrow rests funny on the arrow rest. I think it is ok but, the arrow stops on the rest AFTER the insert. The arrow is being held up in the mid section of the BULLET point long before it tapers to the point. The point is the same diameter as the shaft and insert so I don’t “think” it is a big deal.

I noticed that I do float on my target when aiming. It isn’t a float on the X but it is flat out all over the INNER red ring and all of the YELLOW rings at 20 yards.

After reading posts on this board about draw length effecting your steadiness, I am wondering if I did right or wrong.

How do you know what the right draw length is? I do not like the feeling of “bending” my elbow any.

I seen Scooby’s pic and her string seemed to come straight to the middle of her face and she was looking strait. I tend to like the string pressed against my right cheek and have the peep touching my glasses.

I’m afraid that my MANY OLD years of archery may have “JACKED ME UP”.

PLEASE HELP. I want to shoot RIGTH and maybe start shooting in 3-D and Vegas shoots again.



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This may help:

" posted 12-15-2001 02:03 PM

_________Draw length troubleshooting:__________
A)If your draw length is too long your sight should float and never really stop. On too long of a draw length your misses will not be as far from the center but they will tend to be one side to the other without any consistency.

B)If your draw length is too short your sight
may momentarily stop but when it moves it is herky/jerky. On a too short draw length your misses will tend to be further from the center.

C)If your draw length is correct (in theory) your sight will stop momentarily and the movement will be slower and reduced."

Hope this helps solve your problems. Be safe.
Shoot Straight
Derbytown :D

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You will not know your draw length until you decide upon a form.

The most popular form is described in "Idiot Proof Archery:"

A more obscure form based on recurve archery is described in "Mastering Compound Bows:"

Once you get your body into the form that you choose, and establish your anchor, bow shoulder, grip, etc., ONLY THEN will you know your actual draw length.

Be very careful about accepting references of correct form, since most compound shooters are not students of form and are happy to shoot whatever way is "most comfortable," i.e., wrong.

Good luck,


PS: Bernie gives a rough formula where he predicts that your AMO draw length is your wingspan divided by 2.54, and this might get you a start.
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