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how do you shoot your BT?

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Well after never shooting a BT release I ordered the only and began learning the hard way..on the job!!
the Only from Carter is the one that i started with.

I tried many different methods of holding the release and pulling the unit to activate the hinge but could never get the consistently that I know I should have had with a BT.
After having to buy more arrows to keep shooting "because of the lets say 7!!! Shots high in the back stop over the last month in tourneys and leagues”
from shooting off in my draw or not shooting when going thru my BT pull$%[email protected]%!
I finally have the combo that has worked best for me.
I finally switched to holding the only horizontally then with consistent pull in the shoulders slight raise of the elbow and BAM!!
Holding the release with the pinkeye by my eye was killing me!!
And for the life of me could not get a clean release.

Shot a 300 with 51 xs at the Saginaw Valley league on Friday night!

it now feels more natural and hopefully feels the same come this Sunday in grayling at the NFAA state shoot!