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How do you tie off string material?

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Good day

What method / knot would you use, to tie off 452X?

Is a square / reef knot with long tag ends sufficient?

Many thanks.....................Lawrence
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check out Bcy end servings! or Bcy serving materials !

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1. cross the tag ends out past your post 2 times
2. wrap the end loops with the end tags kind of like serving your loops with the tags.
3. wrap the end tags 3 times around the bottom of the loop to close the loop
4. then backwrap 5 times and pull tight
5. serve over and make cam servings.
Just remember when you wrap at the bottom of your end loop to wrap in the same direction you will serve in.

If you serve your end loops use a double hitch knot.

Hope this helps.:darkbeer:
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