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How light would you go

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Hello guys, I am shooting a switchback and was wondering how low do you go as far as grains per inch. I know mathews warranties theres at 5 gr per lb. But do you think it is best to go over that to be better on you bow, or does it not matter? reason i ask if i bought some GT ultralites and got them cut at a liiiitttle over 28 inchs. I figured dressed out they would be about 370 with 100 grain broadhead, but they were 348 with broadhead... lol so i was wondering how much weight i should add to the arrows to be on the safe side?
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Hey. There are a couple of solutions you can consider. First, turn your draw weight down a couple of pounds and you will still be covered under warranty. Second, if the arrow spine is not on the edge of being weak, try a 125 gr broadhead to add a little weight. Gold tip also makes little weights to increase arrow mass and front of center percentages. The heavier broadhead will accomplish the same thing. I am in the same situation. Bought GT 55/75 XT. I was wanting my total arrow weight around 400gr for elk hunting, but I ended up with 364. My solutions are to buy the 75/95's and use a heavier tip, or cut the 55/75 as short as my rest will allow and then use the heavier tip and hope I am not underspined. I have shot the lightweight 55/75 (5.2 grains per lb) extensively out of my Tribute with speed cams and have not seen any problems yet, so your current set up, 4.972 gr/lb will probably be OK even if you leave it alone. Good luck.
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