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How light would you go

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Hello guys, I am shooting a switchback and was wondering how low do you go as far as grains per inch. I know mathews warranties theres at 5 gr per lb. But do you think it is best to go over that to be better on you bow, or does it not matter? reason i ask if i bought some GT ultralites and got them cut at a liiiitttle over 28 inchs. I figured dressed out they would be about 370 with 100 grain broadhead, but they were 348 with broadhead... lol so i was wondering how much weight i should add to the arrows to be on the safe side?
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longing to be back in Ohio

Proud to be signed up with archery talk. Moved back to SC after having lived in the southern Ohio area for five years. Only had government land to bow hunt up there but regularly encountered good bucks from opening day on.
What a great job Ohio does with regards to deer quality management.
The motto down here is "if it's brown it's down" with a five month long gun season.
Once again I will log many miles back to Ohio this fall.
If you live in Ohio or Kentucky count your blessings.
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