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How many times as this happened to you?

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How many times have you let a young buck go in hopes of gettin a chance at it the next season or a couple years only to find out someone else kills it later in the season, or how many have been on a big buck for quite sometime, then some other guy comes in and kills it out from under you? I have known of big deer in areas I hunt, then find out someone else has killed it, and I have let young deer go that I could have easily taken, to find out about a week later someone has killed it. The big buck being killed makes me a little sad, but the young buck being killed makes me angry!:mad: How many times has something like this happaned to you?
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You can only control your actions. If you pass a small buck up there is a good chance he still will not make it until next year, but you made the decision that was right for you. It is depressing to see a 2 year old with lots of potential get taken out by a hunter or a car for that matter but that is life.
bucksdown4ever said:
The way i pass up small bucks is that i draw on them for practice and then let down when i can...... I don't shoot but if i can get my bow drawn then they are "Dead" but if i shoot them they have ABSOLUTELY no chance to grow bigger. If someone else shoots them then you really can't do anything except know you did the right thing for youdon't get disgusted becuase someday that one you let go will find you again but even bigger!!!!
Hate to sound like a mother hen, but you should never point your drawn bow at something you do not plan to shoot. Treat it as if it was a loaded gun. Sorry for the hunters safety. Back to the topic.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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