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How MUCH does customer service impact your purchasing decisions.....

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I have been very pleased with a particular piece of equipment that I accidentally damaged. In an attempt to determine if a repair is possible or perhaps make an upgraded purchase I have spent in excess of 11 hours on hold, sent 7 emails, and completed two 'contact us' forms from their website over the last 8 business days trying to contact the company....I have had zero response other than an automated we're experiencing high volume of contact, we'll be in touch bologna.

This is infuriating and prompted me to research a little and it appears my CS experience falls into the majority of other experiences shared. As such I reached out to a competitor who keeps EST hours. I reached out at 4:00PM last evening and their site indicates they close at 5PM. I had a very thoughtul and thorough response when I awoke this morning.

I think my mind is made-up in so much that I will no longer support nor endorse the first company, but I am curious as to the value our members place on CS and whether or not a bad (or my case non-existent) experience would be enough for you to leave a brand/product you have had little to complain about and perhaps even endorsed.

FYI...the original company is NOT a small mom and pop type where the staff may all be out hunting, in fact, some may say its an industry leader.
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The older I get the more reviews and vocalized sharing I provide for both really good and really bad performance.

Most CS sucks. Some Amazon and online places just go under and restart.

I’ve also gone searching out domestic options every time- at least for consideration. That being said some of the worst cs I’ve dealt with has been stateside.
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