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how to get a quieter bow

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I've got a reflex grizzly and it just seems to be a little louder than it should. I use the split limb alfashocks, and string leeches (the straight ones). I also have a NAP shockblocker stabilizer. I've tightened everything down good. Maybe I'm just to picky. Any help would be appreciated>
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I have never used a STS and guys at the range comment on how quiet my bow is. I use leeches in the string and cables, Sims cable guard damper, Alphashox and Doinker stabilizer. Since I'm a commercial roofer I have access to tons (literally) of rubber. I make rubber "gaskets" I place between the riser and accessories. I also use mini limbsavers on my quiver, rest and sight. Not to mention the 3 minis inside the large riser cutouts under my limb pockets. It is so quiet it's scary! I have done this to a few bows and all of them were very, very quiet afterwards.
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