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How to Slow down a Slayer?

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OK with Indoor season coming up, I am faced with an issue of how to get my 2008 slayer X slowed down to under the 280 fps for NFAA competition.

Currently I'm shooting a hunting setup
29 inch ACC (.340) with Blazers that weighs 414 gr. I'm shooting a DL of 28.75 inches at 70# I'm gettin 292fps with that when I was able to get to a chrono..

If I back off the limb bolts say...3 turns can I shoot the same arrow under 280?

I'm figuring on a separate 5 pin hoggit for the target setup..

Anything I should watch out for in terms of tuning?
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Backing it off one turn should get you below 288 fps which is 280 +3% variance which is the enforceable speed limit. Two turns will get you closer to 280 fps with room to spare should you encounter a "fast" chronograph (but, it is unlikely that you'll encounter ANY chronograph at any NFAA sanctioned shoot).

If you're comfortable shooting it at your current poundage you could always shoot some 2315 - 2712 aluminums...fairly cheap too.

Backing the limbs off can make the wall feel a little "squishier" at first, and can change your draw length a little.

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I shot vegas last year and did not even see a crono there but if you sink your fletching in the bag no score my rig almost did that a couple of times at 280 i backed of the limb bolts on my bullet x i think my 08 slayer would deff go into the bag to far with out slowing it down that would be my concern more than a crono

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Get some fat heavy shafts that will do it.

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There was a "voluntary" chrono at Redding this year before the elk target.

And I was worried about blowing through the Vegas bags especially on Day 3. although the Vanes might make a nice SUCK Hole...but I reckon the 30 minute practice before each line this year will do that for me...

If I can switch out my hoggits, then I can crank the bow back up to 70#, clip on the quiver, and do a hog hunt after shooting an indoor shoot.

If I were to use heavier arrows, I'd want to stay with the same diameter so I don't have to mess with nocking point, rest height etc...

Thanks for the replies.... It has given me plenty to consider.
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