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Howard hill 'white eagle'

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hello. I have a left handed, 70 lb. 'WhiteEagle'.

i took it in trade a few years ago, not knowing just how heavy a 70lb. draw is. I don't even practice archery, just thought i might like to at the time.

It looks to be in excellent, practically new condition. I'd like to sell it, but have no idea what to ask for it.

can anyone advise me on a fair price and/or where to advertise it... besides ebay...

thanks in advance.
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Price will depend on bow age, length (64", 66", 68", 70"), what draw length it's tillered for (25", 26", 27", 28", etc.) , overall condition, and whether the potential buyer(s) can handle the weight at whatever their own draw length is. Hills are an acquired taste even for non-compound shooters so the buying audience will be smaller even on most sites that advertise themselves as traditional archery sites. Your best bet for selling might be the classified ads at the Traditional Archery Society website, there are lots of Hill-style (i.e. ASL-style) shooters there. A ballpark on price (say the bow is 68" long, 70#@28" and in above-average used condition) might be in the $350-$400 range (shipped). Good luck.
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