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Hoyt Alphamax 32 70-80lbs set at 27" right now has many new parts and custom tune

I have a 2009 hoyt alphamax in perfect condition. i dont really have time to shoot this one so i decided to sell it.

It is an all camo,

It has custom strings and cables
custom tune
custom string dampener
g5 meta peep
QAD ultra rest HD
Tru-glo 4 pin sight w/light (it had boss hogg but put it on my other bow)
string silencers

a few other things i cant think of right now

the bow shot 331 fps at 80lbs with a maxima hunter 350
This bow is deadly quiet with all the custom things added, the bow was purchased at brians archery in n.h. and the original tune was done there and the most recent one with new string was done at wildcat archery in GA with paper tune everything.

i am willing to sell the bow for 450 bare or 600 with everything on it. I also have a scott silverhorn relase and a dozen arrows which i am willing to throw in for an additional price.

I will upload pictures as soon as i get home, If you have any questions feel free to call/text me too if you need a quick response 603/285/3121.

The bow is also currently located in southeast alabama
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