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Hoyt Axle Spacer question

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I'm doing a cam swap on a 2001 UltraTec, going from a Redline setup to Command Cams on a bow with XT3000 limbs. Does anyone know the exact spacers to use between each side of the cams? I know I can experiment around and get the cams to fit, but would like to match the original Hoyt configuration.
Thanks for any input.
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I checked the limb spacing near the riser and got .710. The cam thickness at the bushings is .544. That leaves .166 divided between the two spacers. If they are the same thickness, that would make them .083 each. Are the spacers normally equal to center the cams, or are they of different thicknesses? Also, for best performance should there be any gap between the outer cable mounts and e-clips? Should any excess be eliminated with thin washers or do the ends of the limbs need to be allowed to "float" slightly to prevent any stress?
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