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Hoyt Carbon Defiant 60-70# limbs, 28-30" draw. This is a complete package including:
  • Axcel 5 pin sight w light
  • Hoyt QAD drop away rest
  • Scott Archery Longhorn Hex release
  • SKB hard travel case
  • SKB soft case
  • 13 - Full Metal Jacket 5mm arrows (cut for 30" draw, so they can be fit to your draw as needed)
  • 12 field points
  • 5 Montec G5 broadheads
  • 3 small game "judo" points
  • 3 stabilizers (2 of which are b-stingers and includes b-stinger side/back bar adapter for multiple configurations)
  • Brian's custom 3x mag lens with protective sight cover
  • CBE 5 arrow quiver
  • bow stand
This is a great hunting rig with everything a new or experienced archer needs to get shooting and/or into the woods on day 1.

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