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The biggest difference between the Ultra/ProElite and the Ultra/Protec is the shoot-thru riser of the Elite series. The Ultra/ProElites are priced higher and sold as the top of the line Hoyt target bows. Does this mean the Elites shoot better than the Tecs? Not necessarily so. It all depends on the shooters preference.

Functionally, the Elite series shoot-thru riser is stiffer laterally than the regular Tec series. This reduces lateral flexing of the riser and theoretically improves shot to shot consistency by minimizing the effect of one more variable.

The biggest reason for the cost difference between the Elite series and Tec series would have to be machining. Not only does the Elite risers require a larger stock billet to being with, machining time is a good deal more as well because of both the shoot-thru riser and the integrated grip along with some detailing.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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