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Let me tell you why I would not sell Hoyt in my shop.

#1 They stack Dealers on top of one another, in most cases
#2 They obiousley do not care about there Dealers that much if they sell to discount houses.
#3 The people in these discount shops are not usually qualified to work on the bows there for they set them up wrong and the bow does not preform right and guess what the customer bad mouths the company and word of mouth goes a long ways, which leads to less sells of that product
#4 We the pro shops are the ones that made these good manufactures succsessfull, then they think they should get more money so the sell to the discout shop and for a lower price which we cannot compete with. and a lot of customers do not know there are pro shop bows and discout shop bows they just think of Hoyt as Hoyt. Hoyt makes The reflex bow they should just keep that one in the discount house. But I do not have to worry about this stuff cause I choose not to sell products that I have to try and compete with Mathews is a great line for me and they care about their dealers and know they are the heart and soul of there buisness, as well as bowtech they have the same mantality
we have had great luck with bolth of these companies and they do not stack dealers on top of dealers.:)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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