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so much fuss..

ok, Cabella's does NOT carry Hoyt. Just take a peek in the magazine. They carry only Reflex. Hoyt does have DEALER PROTECTION rights to certain dealers. Yes you can have a line of them down a street, but only 1 will carry the Pro Shop bows. Mathews, they can not have another dealership within a 50 mile radius, that is how they work.
It is up to the rep tp decide who carries gets the protective rights, based on sales. And there is nothing wrong with a rep and a client going on hunts, that is business. Whether it be lunch or dinner, or a hunt, that is all in a business relationship.

Gander Mountain only carries MT Sports and MagnaTecs, because they are set up strictly for the bowhunter, not 3D or speed freaks. Gander Mountain also carries PSE, Reflex, Darton,Golden Eagle, Buckmaster, Fred Bear, Parker, High Country, Browning, and Martin. The bows that are there are just basic bottom line to mid level for the averge bowhunter. 90% of bows bought in this industry are bought STRICTLY for bowhunting only, not 3D & hunting, just plain bowhunting.
So they do not need the Pro Shop bows. And these "discount houses" do not get o shop bows either.
Dick's carries bottom line also, heck, if you loko, the even sell refurbished bows. I als seen them sell Hoyt's with the FX limbs, so Pro Shops should not be worried.
As far as bad rap for shops not having experience to work on a bow, then they should not be working on one or have been hired to work on one. You can not blame that on the rep. The rep can come in when requested by any archery shop and do a tech talk, just ask, any rep from any company will be more than happy to do so, so don't blame Hoyt or Outtech for the problem. I am sure that the shop with the bad experienced workers, work on all bow manufactuer lines that they carry, so let's not subject it to just Hoyt bows.
This is a competitive world, and business is just that. Obviously with Mathews advertising against Hoyt, they are a little disturbed and are losing sales because they have dropped from being the dominant bow company as of late, and Hoyt is getting sales back up once again. But then Mathews should realize that, oh maybe 80% plus Mathews dealers also carry Hoyt... If Mathews was not so worried, they would not put all this marketing and advertising into all these magazines or as much. Did you know that almost of not more than a $100.00 for EVERY Mathews bow sold, goes into advertising, hence 6 page COLOR ads no less....
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