I've got a complete olympic recurve setup I haven't used in a few years and so may as well free up the space and let it move on to someone who can get some mileage out of it. It's a complete setup with a lot of spares and extras. I'd like to sell the whole kit to someone at once, but realize it may not work out that way. I'll plan to give it a few days to see if someone is interested in the whole set, but will take (and keep based on the order they came in) any offers for individual items in case I end up splitting things out.

I did my best to document everything reasonably well, but some of it's been a few years since I bought it so there may be some detail missing. If you've got any questions (or would like additional pictures of anything) please let me know. High-res pictures are at the album linked below:

Goole Photos Album

All prices are listed excluding shipping, so if you're looking for any of the larger items (or the whole set) let me know and I can get a shipping estimate.

Hoyt Formula X-Tour Bamboo 70" 40# limbs$450.00 $400.00 $300.00Excellent condition, no damage I could find
Hoyt Formula Faktor 25" - with weight set, two Shibuya Ultima rests$450.00 $400.00One ding on the limb pocket area (was there from new), and the weights at the ends are stuck in pretty well so I didn't try too hard to remove themSold
Easton X10 500 C5 (11 shafts, with Easton tungsten 120gr points, cut to 30-5/8" carbon-to-carbon)$350.00Pretty good condition (most of the paint still on them), but certainly not newSold
Vortex Diamondback Spotting Scope - 20-60x60$300.00 $250.00Sold
Axcel Achieve recurve sight w/ carbon bar$275.00Excellent condition, with spare sight pin block to swap scopesSold
Ramrods hi-mod long rod - 30"$175.00Old graphic design, approximately 2015 vintageSold
Ramrods hi-mod short rods - 12"$175.00$150.00 $90.00Old graphic design, approximately 2015 vintage
Pelican 1700 case$150.00 $125.00No foamSold
Beiter Plunger - dark blue - 5/16" thread 17.5-23mm$100.00Very clean, nearly newSold
Easton 120gr tungsten points$100.00Sold
Accubow (with phone mount)$100.00$75.00 $50
Beiter Plunger - black - 5/16" thread 17.5-23mm$75.00A bit worn, comes with longer tip installed, and does have screwdriver (I forgot to include in picture)Sold
Vortex High Country tripod$75.00 $60.00Sold
Doinker EXO set of 3$70.00Sold
Easton Elite Target quiver$70.00 $60.00Sold
Beiter Winder Profi Set$60.00Comes with extrasSold
Easton Elite Field Quiver$60.00 $50.00Sold
Axcel Sjef recurve sight pin$50.00 $40.00Sold
Shrewd Flex recurve aperture$50.00 $40.00Sold
Beiter Rip Clutch bow vise$50.00Sold
Eaton adjustable v-bar mount$50.00The pictured extender is stuck enough I didn't try to remove itSold
Shibuya bow stand$45.00Great conditionSold
Fairweather tab (L?) with size 21 spacer$45.00Bought back when they first came out (right around the time I stopped shooting)Sold
NEET Black Leather field quiver (with belt)$40.00 $30.00Black leather belt is from some other source, probably 38-40" or soSold
Ramrods weight set (3 blenders, 4 1 oz weights)$35.00Sold
Infitec Crux weight set (1 x 4oz, 3 x 2oz, 4 x 1oz)$30.00Sold
Tuning forks limb alignment gauges (2 sets)$30.00Sold
Bohning Helix fletching jig$30.00Sold
Fivics dampeners/upstabilizers with built-in Al weights (set)$25.00Sold
BCY Halo serving (.014 I believe)$20.00$15.00 $10.00Just a bit less than a full spoolSold
KSL Gold tabs large ($20 each)$20.00Have a few spare parts too, like the spacers. Blue spacer on one is from JagerBoth Sold
Scott Quick-shot release$20.00 $15.00Sold
Astra Archery Shot Trainer (XL/2)$20.00Sold
Beiter tri-liner$20.00Includes one vane holder (not pictured)Sold
Legend Streamline 2 backpack$20.00Sold
AAE Master Plunger$20.00$15.00 $10.00Sold
Beiter 70 x 17 V-Bar$15.00Sold
B-Stinger quick disconnect$15.00Sold
BCY 8125g white$15.00Just a bit less than a full spoolSold
Brady Ellison BE release bag$15.00 $10.00Sold
MTM arrow case$15.00 $10.00Sold
W&W Wiawis carbon clicker$15.00Sold
Shibuya chest guard XL$10.00Sold
Angel chest guard L$10.00Sold
Easton chest guard XL$10.00 $5.00Sold
Easton chest guard L$10.00 $5.00Sold
Infitec Crux dampers (set of 3)$10.00Sold
BCY #3D serving$10.00Just a bit less than a full spoolSold
Easton arrow prep tool kit$10.00Sold
AAE blue arm guard$5.00 $2.50Sold
Beiter soft arm guard$5.00Sold
AAE red arm guard$5.00Sold
Misc. Hats ($5 each)$5.00 $2.50 ea.W&W, Hoyt, and LAS hats soldSold
BCY nock point thread$5.00Just a bit less than a full spoolSold
Beiter clicker black blade with dovetail mount (Shibuya dual-click style extension)$5.00Sold
Other Misc. bits (price TBD with bundle) including:
24 x Beiter X10 out nocks (fluoro red) size 1NewSold
24 x Beiter pin nocks (fluoro red) size 1NewSold
12 x Beiter pin nocks (sky blue) size 1NewSold
12 x Easton pin nocks (blue) size SNewSold
30 x Easton pin nocks (blue) size LSold
22 x Beiter pin nocks (sky blue) size 2Sold
10 x Beiter insert nocks (green) size 2ACE sized if I recallSold
13 x Beiter pin nocks (neon yellow) size 2Sold
21 x X10 pinsMost have been used, or at least glued in onceSold
6 x Beiter target pinsSold
18 x AAE WAV vanes (blue)Sold
20 x Spinwings (white)Sold
~74 Spider vanes (blue)Sold
~60 Spider vanes (white ultra soft)Sold
~33 KSL Jet6 vanes (blue)
4 x 122cm waterproof facesSold
4 x 80cm waterproof facesSold
5 x 60cm waterproof facesSold
~40 x 40cm mini (scaled down) 3-spotsSold
Alcohol lamp for arrowsSold
Beiter NockdepotSold
Assorted AperturesSold
Black Al Stabilizer ExtensionSold
Screw-in LimbsaversSold
Available (but bulky to ship)
SKB double recurve case$100.00 $75.00This is an approx. 2006 vintage SKB ATA case, with old pre-TSA locks, from my first stint in archery. These became too large to fly at an affordable rate on most airlines, but were otherwise great cases
Rinehart RHINOBRUTE target$100.00Used just a bit, but lots of life leftSold
American Whitetail AR152 Hybrid Mat XF (AR152HMXF) ~52" x 9"$350.00$325.00 $300.00Light usage, but would have to be picked up in person in West Michigan (I can't fit this in any car I own)

Thanks for looking!
Added a few notes to the misc. items today. Those are all small enough I don't expect to sell them individually, but could include items from that list for a small bit extra other items from above, or could bundle a few together if someone wants.
Updated (and will continue to update) as things are reserved and sold now that I am parting things out.