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Hey guys,

Im pretty new to the sport of archery, but im really excited about it. Im looking towards buying my first bow and i think that ive decided on a recurve. However, im not really sure what the difference is betweent a traditional recurve and and olympic recurve. Was hoping that someone could inform me a little bit on what those are? I want to do target and hunting and ive heard u can basically do both with these bows (or at least the olympic horizon and the traditional bows).

Im lookin at getting a Hoyt Horizon Recurve with the Hoyt Grand Prix Excel Recurve Limbs. Ive read that this is a pretty good set up for a beginner to an intermediate archer. I was also lookin at the Dorado traditional bow. It looks like a great bow but idk if its for a beginner. But i felt that by the time i spend the money on the horizon riser and excel limbs and a string and case ill be spendin the same amount as the dorado (i believe it vomes with a riser, limbs, string and case already). Could someone kind of describe the difference in detail about the two bows?

Also i want the bow to last a while. Im plannin on shooting alot because i know recurves take time to get good at. Thats part of the reason i want to get a recurve as opposed to a compound. But how durable are the limbs and risers? Will the horizon riser last a while? The dorado? I know that Hoyt has the lifetime warrante on product errors but just curious how breakable they are?
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